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Amicizia Icons

Graphics journal of blondeweasley

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Amicizia Icons
Hi, random person looking at this journal! You've somehow come across amicizia_icons, blondeweasley's icon journal. Go ahead and browse through the posts of icons and if you like them, why not join the community? :D

Oh, and for those of you wondering about the name, it was random. Completely random. I went onto a site and found a random Italian word that sounded cool. Amicizia (Ah-mee-chi-zee-ah) sounds cool and it means "friendship" so I named the journal amicizia_icons. Just promise me you won't try to translate it back into English, because Friendship Icons sounds really bad! XD
-I love comments. Liek whoa. So if you like an icon or (gasp) a batch of icons, it'd be really cool if you commented on the post. ♥

-Credit, while appreciated, is not mandatory.

-Hotlinking = death. Please make that sure you upload it to your own server, like Imageshack or Photobucket. Thanks!



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